I am super excited about this recent music video collaboration with Malia Laura and JMF for their track “Hélène”. What a dream team this was! Much love to Nadège Milord and Ali K Mohamed for getting me involved with this project. The single is available anywhere you get your music. Enjoy!

Director & DOP & Editor | Robby Reis
Starring | Malia Laura & Chanel Mings & JMF
Management | Ali K Mohamed
Music Production | JMF
Creative Project Manager | Nadège Milord

Poolside – Kodak Portra 400

A selection of photos which I shot yesterday following a heavy thunderstorm. I’m still learning how to use the Rolleiflex SL66 and finding out that it has some issues that need fixing. Several shots didn’t turn out, but I can still appreciate the oneiric quality of the darker ones. My visit to this hidden spot was in-part a location scouting assignment for a film which I have been intermittently scripting for nearly a decade.

Justice For George Floyd & All Victims Of Police Racism

A selection of my photos from the Montreal Solidarity Demonstration, Sunday, May 31 2020. Thank you to all the beautiful souls that permitted me to show support and walk by their side and to photograph them during a very important  demonstration denouncing police killings of Black Lives.