Monastiraki | Ilford HP5

Monastiraki MTL is permanently closing its doors! Established in 1998 by Billy Mavreas, Monastiraki has been a curious art space in the Mile End which many of us are sad to see go. If you would like to pick up some great items before the space closes at the end of August 2021, head over to 5478 Saint-Laurent, Mile-End, Montreal, QC and pay Billy a visit.


I am super excited about this recent music video collaboration with Malia Laura and JMF for their track “Hélène”. What a dream team this was! Much love to Nadège Milord and Ali K Mohamed for getting me involved with this project. The single is available anywhere you get your music. Enjoy!

Director & DOP & Editor | Robby Reis
Starring | Malia Laura & Chanel Mings & JMF
Management | Ali K Mohamed
Music Production | JMF
Creative Project Manager | Nadège Milord