Manifestation contre la brutalité policière et le racisme

A selection of photos which I snapped at the Manifestation Contre la Brutalité policière et le Racisme, in Montreal on June 7th, 2020.

Present organizations: comité Québec con Ayotzinapa – Bat Bravo pou lajenes – Fondation Busta John – Hoodstock – Affirmation de la femme Afro du Québec – organisme Evolujeunes 1930 – Black Rose Alliance – OFC community Directory Bottin Communautaire.

Thank you to all the beautiful and generous individuals who accepted my request for a photo during the Manifestation, your welcoming smiles, kind words, speeches and beautiful handmade protest signs are teaching me so much. I am grateful to you for taking on the burden of educating and challenging me and countless other white people about racism and privilege and for reminding us of our duty to make things right. I recognize that it’s a privilege to learn about racism rather than experience it first hand. I will continue to listen, read, donate, educate, share and march by your side.