Detroit is for Lovers

Self-Published Zine | Colour & Monochrome | 8.5″ x 5.5″ | ISBN 978-1-7773019-0-3

D is for Lovers is a photo essay and a self-published zine, which chronicles a road trip between husband and wife from Montreal to Detroit in 2015. The story which is carefully weaved throughout this series is one of a recently married couple searching for all the excitement and romance that travel promises, and their fears of coming up short.

The zine features more than twenty photos, most of which are accompanied by a handwritten journal entry, which at once reinforces the themes pictured, but also reveals a deeper story; one that can only be told with words. The way in which text and image coalesce here, places the viewer directly in the shoes of the photographer, and by the side of his travel partner. Essentially, the viewer becomes a willing participant in a new marriage while on a journey, which like any relationship, has the potential to evolve more serendipitously than one might expect. 

The Zine draws on the artist’s appreciation of the DIY movement as it was designed, printed, cut, folded and stapled by hime. It measures 8.5″ x 5.5″ and is presented much in the same manner as the photo series, featuring twenty two colour and monochrome images alongside journal entries.

Images and text are presented sequentially in order to reinforce the idea that the viewer is in fact with the authors during the road trip. All entries introduce a healthy balance of  humour and tension whenever necessary, in an effort to mirror the playful and loving dynamic that exists between my wife and I. The images also present the conflict of two artists trying to reject the traditional roles of tourist, husband and wife, while exploring an urban landscape, which was previously unknown to them.